UE4 windows application crashed with Pixel Streaming Plugin

I followed the guide of ‘Getting Started with Pixel Streaming’ step by step to package application successfully. But the application always crashed with information “Assertion failed:Result==NV_ENC_SUCCESS [File:D/Build/++UE4/sync/Engine/Plugins/Media/PixelStreaming/Source/PixelStreaming/Private/Codecs/PixelStreamingNvVideoEncoder.cpp][line:352]Unable to open NvEnc encoding session(status:2) .But the application ran normally when I checkout the Pixel Streaming Plugin before packaging . compile by VS2017. What should I do ?

This likely happened because your machine doesn’t have nvidia’s hardware acceleration for video encoding installed. Try this: Video Codec SDK - Get Started | NVIDIA Developer for either ffmpeg or video codec SDK. They should both work.