Ue4 windows 10 performance issue

Hi guys, I have a big problem with Windows 10.
I upgraded to Windows 10 with a clean install and after reinstalling ue4.10 my performance dropped dramatically. I tried everything but I would not go back to Windows 7.
fps addition to being dropped from 120 to 90, are not stable and often taking from 40 to 90.
Is there any solution? I do not know what to do.

Hi. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a driver issues with AMD video cards… Do you happen to have a R9 380? Or, R9 280?

sorry if I have not mentioned.
intel core i7 4790k
12gb ram
gtx 970
apparently not a problem of video card

That should rock the boat! Does this happen on any project? Like if you created a new 3rd Person Template?

it happens on every project, I tried to get back on windows 7 with a clean install, but the problem persists.
I do not know how to solve …

I noticed that closing any program while the unreal engine is open, performances become stable for about 6 seconds and then return to have random drops and low fps in general