UE4 - Windowed resolution affects widget BP button locations, what to do?

Hi, whenever i change the resolution of the game, for example: Windowed 960X678, every button changes location too, weird but child text stays in place, but buttons change to off locations, i already tried to use as anchors, center and the big square (wich i though was usefull for any full size):
Still, not sure what else to do, but this issue does not occour in large resolution, just small

You should try to anchor you buttons to an edge or corner using the align tools. I think I only use the alignment you’ve circled if i’m making a sub-widget like a button or something.

What is the widget “align tool” i searched in google, but i only found:…uct/align-tool

He means make another selection in that dialog. Eg: if you anchor them to the top-left, you can set the relative locations from that corner.