UE4, will you marry me?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
UE4 is awesome
I wanna stay with you

We’ve had a few arguments
You’ve crashed
Behaved in unexpected ways
Sometimes I don’t even understand you
But you held in there, never gave up
You supported and gave it your all
You surpassed what any engine could do
all I know is that I wanna stay with you

UE4, even though my poems are terrible…will you marry me?
With our best man being Epic Games.

hahahaha :smiley:

~Le UE4 promptly says:

Dang… Beat there again.

UE4 still best Waifu.

Also Shadowraix. Wouldn’t Epic games be the father?

Friendzoned :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably need to write that in C++ :slight_smile:

You have to look like this I am shallow. I understand the amount of BS iI have to deal with and the lies etc we classify this into the term DRAMA> I will if you are like this

UE4 waifu all the way.
And shhhh we don’t point that out.

Its with cryengine isn’t it!!! I knew it!

Scared of Epic? :smiley:

I don’t think UE4 would do that… Especially with UE4’s older siblings around… I wonder what engine it is? If it even is an engine! :smiley: