UE4 will run better on i5-4210U 1.70GHz, Haswell™ or AMD A10-9600P ?

Hello, this is my first post so I hope I have put it in the right section.I want to know if UE4 will run better on intel or amd based systems. I have to buy a laptop and I can’t decide if I want one with Intel (+nVidia gpu) or AMD (+AMD r7 gpu) CPU. My only requirement for a laptop is to be able to play Bioshock Infinite on max settings, but since the game is pretty old and can run on almost all 512+ ram GPU’s I decided to chose the right CPU by raporting them to the compatibility with UE4. I want to develop games in UE4 and I have to chose betwen an Asus or HP laptop.

Those two are ones that I’m looking at: (the X555LN-XO112H one)

The Asus laptop is pretty good but HP with that A10 amd may provide more performance than the i5. I just want it to resist over time and not have to buy another laptop just because I overuse the one I will buy now.

The reasons to buy and Intel based machine I heard, are: it conusmes less power, its better for gaming because of the haswell arhitecture, its better if you aslso want to make video editing rendering etc. , it doesn’t heat so much, its the standard… and so on.
The reasons to buy an amd based machine I have tought about: its much more cheaper (even if it conusmes more power its a laptop cpu so it can’t be that bad), its quad core while an i5 at the same price is only dualcore, it has more ghz (well thats not the most important fact , but I want it to keep up with the games that will come in the next 4 years), I may want to use virtual machines and amd is better than intel in this domain (at least thats what I heard), at the price of that 2gb nVidia gpu asus laptop , the Hp has a 4gb amd R7 gpu.

Over all of those, you can’t get out the beterry (even the hdd) of the asus laptop or up the ram more than 8gb’s , while the HP one has 500gb hdd but I can up it at will.

Please help me to decide, its not only about the performance, if you think that one of them will resist more without breaking tell me.Especially if that quad A10 cpu can equal the i5 haswell (in that domain I think the a10 is a little bit better).
I’m asking here because I think many of you had to deal with both of those brands and have more experience than those fanboys on the other forums on the internet.
[Just tell me which is better for games, can resist more and can handle UE4 better]

Neither of those are really all that great, you won’t be playing Bioshock Infinite at 1080P on highest settings and you’d struggle a bit with something like UE4. It’s better than the Intel HD GPU’s but not that much better.

But those are the only cheap laptops I could find in my country with this performance, asus ROG or msi are too expnsive, at least, tell me wich one is better than the other please (-.-’)