UE4 will only let me pick up my collectables in game if I do it in a certain order and other weird things with no explanation. Can you help me?

I have 3 collectables that the player picks up in the last level. For some odd reason, it will only let me pick them up in a certain order. It also does really weird things like if I change print string from " " to “.” in one collectable blueprint then I can no longer pick up a different collectable. This has seemingly no connection and I have no idea why this is happening. Me or my professor have no idea why.

I can send a video in of it happening if anybody is interested.


I can send a video in of it happening
if anybody is interested.

Consider explaining how the picking up is scripted, or better - show us the screenshot.

unfortunately i have the same problem, and i don’t know how to fix it?
Can someone please help me out.

Why do you have Input Action in the collectible? Shouldn’t this be done by the player?

Player comes over, presses a button, detect what’s around them (or line trace), notify the item.

Consider following a tutorial, something along the lines of:

What do you mean? how do i do that? i don’t understand

Check the tut.

i don’t understand

The player should handle the input, you’ve added input to the Collectible item. The items should never have input enabled - that’s why it’s disabled by default…

i watched the tut 3 times and is still don’t get it, but i will figure it out thanks anyway.
in the tut they are walking in the collision and then it will be added to the counter. but what i want to do is that when i walk inside the collision i have to press E and it collects it. But the problem is it works but it collects them in an certain order.