UE4 web player plugin (suggestion)

Hi. I have a suggestion. Unreal Engine 3 could run in a web browser. An Unreal Engine 4 web player plugin would be an interesting thing.

Unreal 4 does not need to, they are developing it to support HTML5 which browsers support already without the need of a plugin.

If you mean citadel demo, that was actually engine running on HTML5, more precisely WebGL

+1 for some kind of a weblayer that one can export to from the editor like one has been able for years from Unity.

Again, there won’t be a web player, it will support HTML5 so it won’t need any kind of plugin.

Have you guys seen Mike Fricker’s answer here:

Hey guys,

We just published documentation for our HTML5 platform support. You can view it here:

I will add that the HTML5 pipeline is currently experimental and not without many caveats and quirks, but it is functional.

Have fun!

I haven’t been able to read about its limitations? Could you give us some details about its caveats and quirks?