UE4 Web Formatting Bug ?

This happened seemingly out of nowhere and disabling my adblocker didn’t fix it. Only thing of note is that hardware acceleration is disabled because my drivers crash after a few too many YouTube videos.

R9 270, 1920x1080 X2 monitors, window size adjustment tested. Tried refreshing + signing out and actually can’t sign back in lol. On mobile ATM. Will update when I get the latest (only outdated by 3 days) AMD Drivers + restart. Will add pictures asap.

Answerhub + Forums do the same thing somehow. No other site affected afaik.


Sorry that I’m replying; edit button is missing on mobile. I can confirm this is UE4 stuff only, seemingly related to that header - Answerhub doesn’t do that anywhere else. Tested with clean Chrome and still issues. Firefox has no issues though. But it’s also using hardware acceleration. And is completely (fresh install) clean. I’m hoping restarting Windows will fix it because I can’t enable hardware acceleration D: and I use UE4 Answerhub / forums (googling) a lot. Hopefully this can get sorted out!

._. message lost due to not refreshing the page - Invalid token. Lol. Anyway. Had to clear cookies, cache, and plugin data! (: it wasn’t being cleared normally and that’s also why Incognito was working even with all plugins enabled in Incognito. Issue resolved.