UE4 vs UE5

Hi Guys,

while I am comfortable with UE4 and know many of the UE5 features from the announcement trailer, it is unclear to me what the differences and advantages are to dive into UE5, when compared to UE4.

I want to know what my projects could gain from upgrading to UE5. So here are a few questions, and perhaps you have some general advice?

  • Is the latest UE5 (early August 2021) considered stable enough for a release?
  • Are there obstacles or usage issues to consider?
  • Is it relatively straight-forward to update to UE5, especially considering compatibilities of ie. extensions?
  • Are there general immediate huge gains when switching to UE5?
  • Are Market Place Assets - UE4 projects in general, usually considered compatible?

Thanks for your input!

  • **You are planning a project for release in late 2022 or beyond.**One of the principal aims of the Early Access release is to offer a first glimpse of the new features and workflows to game teams well in advance of their availability for production uses. This can help your team prepare to hit the ground running when UE5 reaches its production-ready release. If you’re planning a release of your project sooner, in 2021 or in early 2022, we highly recommend that you continue to build on the solid and battle-tested foundation offered by UE4.
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Most of the marketplace assets I’ve tried have worked. Ones with like displacement (such as Infinity weather) won’t, and it may be a mixed bag result wise but most of the packs I owned worked in UE5 with some tweaks. Some plugins may require tweaks though usually they have been pretty minor.

In general I was expecting the migration to be more of a hassle than it was.

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Read the documentation.