UE4 VS UE5, upgrading, features

This isn’t a getting started thread, just wondering what people’s experiences are with UE5. I’m talking about things that aren’t in the DOCs like, are they getting better or worse FPS running the same thing as UE4? Are there important features I might lose in upgrading? Things not completed for it yet?

In my case I have a fully working game in UE4 but whenever I have engine bugs or need plugins I ask myself, will I just be moving to 5? Weren’t there reasons major companies used UE3 for years when 4 was out for example?

With the same settings, people are usually getting within ~10% of the same frame rates in editor with UE4 going to UE5. A new blank project is going to be more more expensive because things like Lumen, VSM, and TSR are on by default and pretty expensive. Turning those off, it runs pretty much the same.

Not much was removed beyond tessellation and PhysX, physics was switch to Chaos.

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4 will be around for a long time, of course, but like @ZacD says, 5 is basically the same after you’ve turned off those things.

Epic will only supply ‘show stopper’ updates for 4 now, whereas 5 will be evolving. It won’t be long before marketplace products stop supporting 4, and there are a lot of cool things in the works with 5. Like mesh editing, fluids and gas, and it’s just nicer to use.