UE4 vs Other Engines (read before deleting, please)

I’m not extremely well versed in any particular language. I know how to get things done, but it may take a minute for things to click or I might have to go deeper into it all. That’s one of my few issues with UE4 (other than performance) and I know there’s BP but I believe that’d create even more performance problems. I’m more of an artist, writer, sound, and voice acting kind of guy. Basically anything but music and programming xD I can learn quickly and one of the reasons I was originally eyeing Unity was because it’s quick and simple C# scripting, but the community and dependence on the asset store are issues. Again, I do know some Lua though and can do things very quickly in it… but I’m not sure how far way Source 2 is going to be. Perhaps I should just make everything BUT the actual gameplay itself and wait, maybe learn a programming language or two in the process.

You can try to asseble a team. I’m not a programmer at all. And that’s why I came To unreal4. Originally Kismet in UDK now Blueprint in UE4! By the way… What is the fastest computer you have?

Might be a bit difficult for me to assemble the team, given the current circumstances. How does BP work for you?

Fastest computer personally available? My computer I built. GTX 770 graphics card, i5 3570k processor, and 8GB RAM. Why do you ask?

It’s very likely that the laptop doesn’t have enough power to run games, for laptops you really have to specifically buy a laptop for gaming, otherwise they don’t have a good graphics processor since most people don’t need it.

Just curious. That will run Unreal perfectly! It’s way faster than mine! :slight_smile:
BP works great. I have run into a couple bugs… But they have been mostly fixed. The ability to just go into Blueprint and Do 70% of everything is nice!
So… What game’s were you planning on doing? ( [This part is Refering to you’re economy reference, Cause It didn’t go through.] And don’t get me started on the U.S. economy! I will be leaving California soon probably. So much taxation! We need Gov regulation… But not this much! Now were turnin into a Socalist state! :frowning: )

I know, even some desktops (and all-in-one) PC’s have difficulty running games. When they can, they have frame-rate drops, trouble opening games/being detected, and other various issues.

I’m in Illinois… very corrupted government here, and everyone seems to be in poverty. I’m planning to create a little 3D platformer, and possibly an FPS as well (my main goal is to create an FPS that’s different from the current standards).

You got some good game Ideas there. I’m working on a text adventure! Sorry that you live in Illinois. Both the Democrats and Republicans are pretty corrupt.

At the high end of the market UE4 wins hands down for good reason. But as you’ve a low-spec machine I would go with Unity while you wait for Epic to offer a more component-based install option… But only if you’re willing to buy Asset Packs. The Asset store has notable starter kits and complete projects which will help ramp up your game design time significantly, especially the ones that have documentation (PDF’s)… The programming side isn’t full-on programming either, because its componentized C#, which means its a simpler form of C# that heavily relies on in-editor objects and is more like scripting than coding. The community is arguably not as helpful, although miles better than Cryengine.

Illinois is crippled by the pensions overhead too, they upped property taxes yet again, ouch!

Well if he gets a newer computer than go for UE4. But you might be right. (I still despise Unity though. More like DISUnity. :slight_smile: )

Oh text adventure? You don’t see many of those anymore! Yeah, I don’t understand why people chose to back them up. I’m not for one or the other, both have things I absolutely hate about them.

Is there any way to search for such packs? At least to see if there is anything decent out there.

I’ve heard AWFUL things about Cryengine when in all aspects. I’ve never dared to do so much as glance at it, to be honest.

Yeah, Illinois sucks. I’m moving as soon as possible, which is one of the reasons why I’m hoping to create a decent small game. I don’t have the mindset that I’m going to create something amazing, I just want to sell at least a little. As I said before, I just can’t find any good jobs right now so I’m just stuck sitting around waiting.

Text adventures are still out there! George washingon said Political Party’s would destroy us! The enemies of the Republic have Injected the poison into out system. It will collapse in upon it’s bloated self. Just like Rome. (Just hope our Dictator Is a good one! :wink: )

Yeah, Unity is icky! XD At least the community is (along with that awful asset store that you MUST depend on if you want anything more than a shader… which they just now added in for free users). I also hate how it’s all closed off and I’ve heard there are issues when you try to do anything complex (basically, anything that a mobile phone or tablet cannot handle).

Cryengine does have some major problems. But is not as bad as you think.
Hope you can get out of Illinois! The Republicrats (Like it?) have taken all our money… It’s funny, California had Ronald Reagen once. Now we have Jerry Brown Undearwear! (Who dumps our water!)

#1.A few examples from a quick search :!/search/3D%20platformer

#2. Also, see if there’s any free templates here which could help you make a start:!/category/165/page/1/sortby/popularity

Some of those prices are pretty high. But there are some free one’s.

Everyone complains about documentation, the developers not willing to help, the community, performance, and a lot more. It seems like only the developers know how to use it, and that they want to keep it that way. Quite different from Epic and the Unreal Engine 4!

Honestly, I think the entire government needs to be revamped (SAFELY) somehow…

Here’s an example of something I’d love to have, but find ridiculous in price.!/content/3558

Epic Has been much better with Documentation with UE4. UDK had Doc problems but UE4 has fixed all their past errors. Unity5 is so freakin buggy. Crashed to the desktop Multiple times! And UE4 was running smoother that in some how?

And yes… The government does need a reset. No more dual citizens! (I’m not against immigration. But is should be done right. Not jumping a fence. personally I don’t know why they don’t Just overthrow there government.)