UE4 vs MySQL for variables

I need help deciding what method would be best suited for my open world game. I have two thoughts about how to read variable data for the Monsters. Basic question is would it be a better practice to read variables from the monsters object using the built in variable system or should I create a database via MySQL? What would be the Benifind and what would be the risks of each?

So far I am leaning more and more to the MySQL database for several factors. First and foremost is the ability to patch the game at a later time should the need arise. Rather then having to manipulate every creature in the game one by one you can use a database that is on the server (Read Only Access) and patch it by modifying the data table on the server. The second key thing to note is that MySQL being on a sever rather then in the game would free up memory and the game will be a smaller file without all the data in the game itself. Lastly with MySQL I could hook it up to a website where you can use the search feature and display stats allowing for a search feature and staying organized.

So the main question here is thier any huge advantage to using the UE4 system to store variables? Just wanna make sure I am not missing something as with the scale of the game it’s a ton of data if I screwed up.


If you need Centralized Persistent Data, then I would vote for using a Remote Database no matter the type of game. There are a couple of MySQL Solutions in the Marketplace and you can grow your own (more work). I’m using a HTTP API for Wordpress to communicate to its MySQL Database. You still have to get the data into UnrealEngine and cache the data for performance, so its not a matter of UE4 vs MySQL. Good Luck to you in your game dev.

Yea I’ve gotten the same reply on the dev forum I use as well. Thank you for your response. I think I am going to use a method of database that loads only the information for a particular map or zone. That way things like creature and questing data would only be loaded when you are in the realitive zones rather then a full info load on startup to conserve memory. Possible if need be an info update or dump when leaving a zone like in oblivion games.