UE4 VR Game Dev Team

Our award-winning VR studio is currently building a small team based in Sydney to support the development of our exciting original and visually stunning VR game for Vive/Oculus and PSVR. We have a majority of assets and basic gameplay complete; we need this team to help us complete it for delivery. We expect it will be a 12-14-week turnaround.

We’re looking for a Programmer, Technical Artist, and Lead 3D Artist. Based in Sydney is preferable but we are open to all locations.


  • VR Game / Experience development experience is a must.
  • Experience in delivering to PlayStation highly desired
  • Mid to Advanced level skillset
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience

If you’d like to jump on this awesome opportunity, please send us your resume, website or LinkedIn profile.

Hi MelodyPulse,

I think I could be a great member in your team. I’m a freelance 3D artist that is currently working on a personal VR application and I’m really close to deliver, I would be really happy to have a chat with you and hear more from this amazing offer and show you what I could do. I’d like to show you my portfolio but I can’t upload any documents here so could you send me an email and I would send you everything I’ve got? Thank you very much.

email: vrmacdesign@gmail.com

Miquel Angel

Are there any restrictions in terms of time zone for remote talent? Cheers!

Hello! Ideally, your time zone would be somewhat close to AEST, but we’re happy to take applications from any time zone. Send your work through anyway :slight_smile:

Very interested in working with you guys. Do you have an email I can contact you at? For now I just PM’d you. hope to hear from you soon! my email is