UE4 Visualization Plugin - Windows Audio Capture (WAC)

Nice job on the plugin. Here is a test run I did with it ,

i see on Github version go up to 4.17. No plans further? Thank you.

Anyone know how to separate in-game sounds from the windows live feed?

This plugin is an absolute masterpiece. But, is there a way to package it for HTML5 - windows wise only?
Why I’m asking is Wallpaper Engine, I’ve successfuly built projects to serve as windows wallpapers using 4.17 version compiled under 4.19.
I know it’s probably lot of work, just asking if there is possibility HTML5 integration could happen?

so is it posible to use the wac plugin on ue4 4.20 i have the 4.20 plugin but its not outputing anything

This is really cool and looks like it might be just what i need. Im trying to create an audio visualisation based off the webbrowser plugin but can’t see how you plug the audio source into unreals own visualiser.

I tried getting this running for the latest version 4.22 and it doesn’t work. Any chance we could get an update if possible please? Thanks!

I was able to tweak the source code and get this to run in 4.22 but the performance is abysmal, not sure why. Anyone else have better luck?

Any chance you could help me also get it working for 4.22 please?

Is performance an issue with previous versions or is it just 4.22 i wonder?

I mainly just want to plug audio from the webbrowser or the overall audio into a visualiser. I know unreal now has that ability but so far it looks like you have to plug wavs in and can’t just take the overall mix to create visualisations.