UE4 VFX Artist

We are working on a fan film and are looking for a UE4 VFX artist who can help us develop particle/special effects ranging from smoke/dust, to ghost effects/portals. These effects will be necessary to increase the fidelity of our film and help push it’s visual dimension cinematically. We will need a character to be a ghost, and disappear into fading clouds with particles. As well as a big portal that is heavily integrated into a forest scene. Plus additional scenarios.

Team Name:
Innervation Brothers Group

Talent Required:
UE4 Visual Effects Artist

  • Comfortable and experienced with 3D, UE4, and its new particle system Niagara.
  • Ideally has familiarity with sequencer and has the ability to activate its vfx appropriately within sequencer.
  • Has the ability to heavily integrate their VFX into characters/environments.
  • Is humble and collaborative.
  • Must love unreal as much as we do!

Please email us and send any portfolio and/or relevant work that you have done.