UE4 version of UDK command "Ghost"

Hi guys,
I was wondering if there is some sort of command that would behave like “Ghost” did in UDK?
I want to be able to switch between walking around on the ground, and floating.
This is so that I can take my HighResShot from whatever angle I please, instead of being stuck on the floor.


Hi Robochrish,

The “Ghost” command still works by disabling collision, however, using the command “Fly” doesn’t appear to work any longer to move the player in the direction of the view.

There are a couple of things you could do to still get similar functionality though.

When in PIE you can use the Eject button in the toolbar to eject from the player character and move the camera to a desired location. Also, you can use the world settings and change the game mode to “My Game” > set the default pawn class to “Spectator Pawn.”

Thank you!


Hi Tim,
thank you. I have done what I needed now by setting up a fixed camera. I just look through that if I need to change where it is pointing.

Thanks again