UE4 ver4.11 is a winner

I opened my current project in 4.11 and I can see it is a fine and instantly useable upgrade.

  1. Certain aspects of my AI are now working; they were not operating correctly in 4.10.
  2. there are no messages for broken links, or missing assets.
  3. There were no new error messages.

That all from a quick look. Upgrade with no fear! -Ian

But make a backup, just in case :smiley:

It is still recommended that you make a back-up or a copy of your project. You never know what can happen (even after initial load of the project). Last thing you need is an edge case bug that corrupts 1 of your main blueprints used throughout the project. :slight_smile: Glad to see everything worked out great though!

indeed, it fixes many things, and optimizes stuff, and broke some other things. +)

all is the same, carry on.