UE4 - Velocity node not working after using rootmotion, why? imag att.

Hi, I use “get velocity” and “vector length” to set my AI speed, this way, if it is lower than .5, my AI stops walking, maybe it has a wall in front, which makes velocity to lower its value… BUT, once I started using rootmotion for the running movement to be more correct, using velocity is not working anymore, my AI is able to walk but can’t run, my only option is to use “get max speed”, which is the only method to make it walk and run…But, now it keeps walking while hitting a wall… LOL, so I decided to add an “AND” to my transition rute, and make it to also depend on “velocity”, the problem is that for a weird reason, If I use rootmotion, velocity is always high, even if it is running towards a wall, velocity may be 700 while not moving at all, no idea what to do, as soon as I disable the rootmotion, velocity now is back to even cero if it hits the wall.

Please help!!!