UE4 Vehicle Physics Expert/ Blue Print and C++

Eview360 is looking to hire a contractor to help create vehicle driving physics as well as collision physics. We have been using several different Plug-ins from the market place along with the UE4 Advanced Vehicle Blue-Print. Nothing seems to get us the desired results.

What we need:

We are looking for some one who can handle wheel on wheel collisions.

Remove wonky Linear/Radial blur from tires.

In air stabilization. When cars go off ramps they tend to go to far forward or to far back, or seem to drift left to right. a smooth jump to land 85% of the time would be ideal.

The cars should also collide with each other well. Currently they collide well 80% of the time with the other 20% sending them rocketing off into space. No damage required at the moment.

We would like to set up power braking as well as drifting. (Smoke + Skid marks) We would also like to set up mud/water kick up when changing surfaces.

This contract is open ended for the selected candidate. We have a lot more needs and are happy to discuss more in email.

Please send resumes and relevant work to:

***This is a Senior Level Project for a team or single candidate. ***