UE4 UWP Source Build, How to install plugins?

Hello all, going to try and make a long story short here.

I have created a nifty game on UE4 4.22.3. I now want to release this game to my community. However, I want to target XBOX platform as well as windows. To this manner I am attempting to try and compile a UWP application. Little luck has been had so far. Steps Taken:
Setup Microsoft UWP Editor, built from source with VS succesful, editor works fine. Project cannot be downgraded, so start rebuilding in older version. Project requires VaRest Plugin, or some sort of other method to req from api. Copied plugin files from 4.22.3 - 4.19.2 UWP with no success. Installed 4.19.2 in official launcher, copied plugin files to 4.19.2 UWP, still no success.

I am thinking now maybe I need to build the UWP project, WITH the plugin files already associated, however my pc takes over 6 hours to do so, so trying to avoid it right now :smiley:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Update – I have noticed the uproject files created using UWP 4.19.2 is not associated to the engine 4.19.2 like the official launcher version of the same. It instead is associated to a hash like the following.

{ “FileVersion”: 3, “EngineAssociation”: “{ACEF0874-48EE-2A59-4F29-BBA3EA9D95F5}”, “Category”: “”, “Description”: “” }