#UE4 Using level sequencer in dynamic comversation system?

Hello ,
I have a dialogue system and i want to use it with level sequencer features. I can give Witcher 3 conversations as an example.
I want to design a level sequencer at the level and when player triggers it, I want to manage the sequencer player via dialogue panel of the game. For example there are 2 person A and B . There are 2 cameras placed and when it triggers, level sequncer plays the first cut showing A , but until we click “next” i dont want to swtich to B camera and its text. everything is fine but i can not imagine how to use the level sequencer in this case. it uses a time line and if i stop it , it turns to game . I only want to set a cut lasts foreever until i press “next”.
Please let me know if i explained it badly. thank you for the help

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what about using
Logic Driver Pro - Blueprint Editor in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace?

Thank you for the advice. It is pretty expensive plugin and to be honest i am not sure if i can implement that in a complex game . I always prefer to write my logic. Do you know how this assets uses the cam ?

nope, I just know i saw a conversation thing in it

they also have a free version
but conversation doesn’t seem to be a part of it