UE4 use to program actual machines

Hello! Is it possible to use UE4 engine BP technology to program actual real world machines?

Well, first of all. UE4 is running on actual real world machines.

What I think you’re asking is whether the visual scripting can be used for bots or tools outside of the UE4 framework. And the answer to that is: No.

BP is deeply intertwined with UE4 and you can not use it outside of it.

Though in the “real world”, text based code has a huge amount of advantages. It’s a scripting language and just like people don’t use lua to write their software, BP would not be suitable either.

BP is also quite limited in its nodes so you wouldnt really be able to make the bots do anything usable. you could however use ue4 as a tool though.

for example if you needed to make a text doc with a routine for the bot you could make a program that let you do that. for that example i was thinking of system where you have a widget with a button for each action (move foreward, turn left, move back, etc) then when the button is pressed it adds a step to a list and you have a string in the backend which is the code that gets inserted. so click move foreward and the code for doing that gets inserted into array index 0, then once done you print all the array into a text file.

Not out of the Box, but you can add blueprint wrappers around C++ classes or libraries which can interface with the other hardware, and there are plugins to help you there if you dont want to do it from scratch