UE4 University?

Hi all,
I think that UE4 is the most powerful and complex 3d software on the planet.
One year ago I tried to play with Cryengine Sandbox but all modules weren’t integrated well.
In UE4 there is an incredible work in the GUI.
Probably some missing features will be implemented.
I will buy for ready made content: procedural materials, particles, foliage, trees, furnitures, boats, vehicles, ai walking people and all the necessary assets to build virtual worlds, not only games.

I tried and bought several tools to build virtual worlds: Vue, Lumion, Ventuz.
I used 3d Studio for 20 years then I can design my architecture but to give RT life to our projects is not a simple thing. I needed an authoring tool.
Probably UE4 blends Vue, Lumion and Ventuz together. I found the possibility to paint terrains, to create atmospheric effects and links all this stuff with procedures in a simple way: the nodes.

I watched about the 50% of the UE4 video tutorials but understanding well this software is not easy, neither the Epic engineers knows well what can be made with UE4.
That’s why I ask for a course or school were the attendees can reach a professional level to enter in the world/business of videogames and virtual reality.

I see that we have to understand about: design, solid modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, exporting techniques, programming, photography, audio and video editing.
Inside a videogame there are a lot of skills impossible to understand watching Youtube.

UE4 will open a new entire business and I’m happy to participate to it.
UE4 is not only for games/gamers