UE4 unavailable in Epic Games launcher?

Recently I’ve been looking at getting back into a personal project I was working on in UE 4.26, but due to issues with the Epic Games Launcher I tried uninstall/reinstall it (it was freezing my PC), and now, when coming to re-install the engine itself, it seems like only UE5 (specifically 5.10 and 5.03) are available from within the launcher (Engine Versions section of the Library tab). There is a “+” icon next to Engine Versions that is greyed out and unclickable.

I was wondering if all versions of 4 are now unavailable and you can only use UE5 when installing from fresh? I do note a link to Github Source where you can access older versions to build from source, and I can go down that route if needed, just wondering if there’s anything I’m missing regarding the launcher itself (if my re-installation is busted somehow?) or anyone has seen similar and/or knows a way around it.

Any guidance or info greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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