UE4 & UE5 - ArchViz, Environment and CG-Short

Good day, just want to share some of my recent projects done in UE4 and UE5 during my unreal learning adventure and new Lumen GI experience :wink:

UE4 ArchViz - ArtStation link

UE5 ArchViz - ArtStation link

UE5 CG-Short “There is no time” - ArtStation link

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Wow, really!!

Your archviz are looking superb, the camera work is very professional and the music fit’s very well.

I like the CGI as well but it isn’t as spectacular as the archviz.

My only complain is the video encoding, specially for the archviz. When the camera is panning, there are some really heavy dithering which make the watch really annoying, sadly :frowning: Common issue when encoding. It might be on your side or it is the YouTube conversion which introduce this issue.

But the projects themselves are awesome :smiley:

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Thank you! :wink: :blush:
Yeah, on some shots, i think its little bit of both, from my side + youtube, I’ll try to avoid this later :slightly_smiling_face: