UE4 Tutoring - Getting Started with UE4 - Or - Create Advanced Blueprint Mechanics

Hi, my name is David and I am an experienced Blueprint programmer. I’ve also used Unreal Engine extensively to create levels, menus, mechanics and small games.

I can help you get started using Unreal Engine 4. From how to navigate the engine, import your assets, create materials, sounds, UI’s, particles or even game mechanics.
Fortunately for a beginner, there are TONS of tutorials out there to help you get started. But sometimes when we have specific ideas or ways of learning, it is easier to have someone provide 1-on-1 help.

Alternatively, if you’ve already acquainted yourself with UE4 and need a bit of guidance in creating your advanced game mechanics, I can definitely help you with that also! For 2D or 3D projects, AI behaviors, UI’s or just a general understanding of how to approach your problem.

Language: English/French

Price: 20$/h (Preparation for the session is not charged)

When: Generally speaking, I can adjust my schedule according to your need, unless specified otherwise.

You can check out my Youtube channel and Markeplace projects in my signature to get an ideal of what I am capable of. Payments would be done through Paypal ideally.

Skype: - Mortusnyte

Serious inquiries only.

Hi David,

We are a design company looking for a UE4 expert to help set up our rendering and animation pipeline and train some of our designers. We are looking for a freelancer to come in and help us out with our Arch Viz work. Is this something that you can help us with? do you have examples of your UE4 work? Our company is ESI Design and we are in NYC. Our website is

If you are interested and feel like this might be a good fit you can contact me at

Joseph Karadin