[UE4 Tutorials Series] - 002 - 2D Sprite Animations

Hey everyone, here the second video in my UE4 tutorials series. I choosed the 2d thing to cover as lots of people keep asking about it, and it is not coverd in the documentations or any other tutorials. Enjoy & let’s make some cool 2d games inside Unreal :wink:


I would like too know does this cover the whole toolkit of paper2d? Just wondering since it just says Sprite Sheets. I have been building my own 2d game already without the use of paper2d but would like too know if it is worthy to place inside my game.

Paper 2d is pretty cool tool inside UE. I really liked it and I think they will do some improvement to it in the following updates. beside making your own class is a good way to go. for me I would go with Paper and add some features to it :wink:

looks very awesome, would like to see this in a full game scale way :smiley: