UE4 tutorials from Digital-Tutors?

Are the UE4 video tutorials from Digital-Tutors good? I watched first three videos and they looked good and the closed captions are good. I found out that I have to pay $30 a month if I want to watch the rest of the UE4 tutorials.

Digital Tutors’s tutorials are good but what they have for UE4 right now isn’t worth it, in my opinion. There already are a ton of free tutorials all over the forums and Youtube on those subjects.

Have you checked out the free ones from Epic on their YouTube Channel? Here are some links to a lot of free stuff that will get you going.

I tried to watch tutorial videos on YouTube but YouTube’s “Automatic Captioning” is not good.

Look for tutorials by Zak Parrish, I think he wins hands down the prize as best digital tutor ever. He should make more tutorials though…

I would pay d-tutors for a very in depth c++ guide explaining all the ins and outs of UE4. Tutorials around the editor isn’t really needed, Epic already covers that just fine.

Digital tutors is a real waste of money especially when epics and other youtube users tuts are far better and free…you would be better to ask more questions in the forums…digital tutors is very watered down no matter what subject and the ones I have seen were actually incomplete

I think their tutorials are quite good, but as others said the current tutorials are basic and covered by other free tutorials by epic and others.

at all the epic tuts have been packaged into a 8.5g download avail by torrents for those that dislike youtube…theres 101 tuts in the pack which is pretty comprehensive from basic to advanced

This is a ridiculous statement.

DT has thousands of tutorials across every major DCC software package.

Nor to mention they are now under pluralsight, which is thousands more tutorials on programming.

They are also the most pirated digital tutorial site on the web. If they sucked so bad, why would they be?

For ue4, yes there are only two tutorials right now, so don’t get it just for that. Give it two months.

If you want to learn other stuff in the meanwhile, absolutely worth it. annually is the way to go.

they drag out information which is already free to sell more episodes which is painful…unless you get the annual subscription as you kindly pointed out…if they were free i wouldn’t bother to put my two cents worth in…and honesty often sounds ridiculous to some and at least the user who started this tread has some different opinions to think about and thanks to you knows how to also get digital tutors episodes for free so everyones a winner except digital tutors…most of the free tut guys are trying to make money from the youtube hits but at least that doesnt charge the learner

I agree 100%.

I have a DT subscription as they’re good for software such as ZBrush and Modo, and for general 3d content creation I rate them very highly. It does take a while though for them to get a good range of courses for a particular package though and at the moment there’re just two for UE4 and so if it’s just this you’re interested in I’d recommend looking elsewhere, or waiting for the range to grow.

Loving Digital Tutors, and Unreal Engine official videos on their YouTube Channel! Thanks so much for the community support!

Thank you very much!

If you are beginner, it is totally worth.
If you are not that beginner then you can get bored.
That is just for UE4 tutorials, I think there will be more complex tutorials soon but for now it isnt.

Digital Tutors is great but just about everything they have tutorials for can be found on YouTube or Vimeo. Although most of those videos wont be as polished as what Digital Tutors offers and they usually don’t come with sample content the methods are the same or sometimes better.

I tutor on Blueprint for free. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, the videos are indeed quite useful. However, the biggest recommendation about Blueprint I can make right now is DO. Just do stuff until you get a feel for it. Throw stuff at the wall constantly until it works.

If the videos were project based I’d be interested. Just for the UE4 videos there is not enough yet that goes beyond intro or beginner level

Hey, thanks for the torrent.