UE4 tutorials for beginners who are NOT interested in games?? (landscape creation etc.)


it’s so great, what’s possible now in Ue4.
I would like to learn it for realistic movie, but all tutorials I find are about games and hurt my eyes.
Can somebody recommend something?


It doesn’t matter if it’s for games, all the same concepts apply for whatever you make with the engine

When I look at beginner tutorials, it’s all “create your first ego shooter game” and about blue print etc. and mostly lowpoly.
Could you – as you are an experienced person – pick one example tutorial, which you recommend to start with in my case?
Many thanks

You need to break down what you need to know and find that type of thing rather than anything that’s specifically to your situation, you’re not going to find something that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you have to find pieces from different places.

I suggest logging into our online learning portal - - and reviewing topics of interest to you. Note there’s a “Film & Broadcast” section in the right-side menu.

Look at the quixel youtube channel