[UE4 Tutorial - Third Person Game] Character automatically runs forward


I have been following UE4 Tutorial series called 3rd Person Game:

After setting up Animation Blueprint (event graph code + anim graph logic), character blueprint (with event graph), correct input settings and game mode my character automatically starts running forward. I can jump and turn using camera but he keeps moving in the direction he is facing. I tried comparing my settings to the ones from the third person character provided by UE4 and I can’t spot any differences.

One of the ideas I have is this dislocated arm, but I couldn’t find where is this problem fixed in the tutorial series.

Please help.

Best regards,

do you have a gamepad plugged in to your computer? that could cause that kind of issue. aside from that we would need to see your script to see if maybe theres an error there. pictures and or video would be of help. as for the dislocated arm, you didnt give any detail whatsoever so theres no help that can be given on that.

post some screenshots and we shall see what can be done from there.

I have reviewed my blueprint code once again. I missed one spot where my MoveRight axis value was not properly connected.

Additionally, I needed to tick ‘Use Pawn Control Rotation’ on my camera boon. Now it works as intended.