UE4 + Travis CI


I have a question about cooking UE4 Projects using travis CI. I have looked around the internet, and the only post about it is this:

However the guy never got an answer to using travis, and everyone just wen’t on abut Jenkins. Personally, I hate Jenkins. I don’t have an outright reason for hating it, I just can’t stand using it. And I would prefer not to use my own infrastructure to run my own copy of Jenkins (I use the servers for other things, a UE4 build would slow said things down).

Does anyone here have any experience with cooking UE4 projects in travis, or has a travis.yml I could take a look at?

Hello there,

Sorry for resurrecting this (and I’ve also replied on the post you linked) - but eventually you got a response hah. To be honest I quite like Jenkins for its customization but you are right, it is a lot to manage for teams. I’m currently apart of the development team on Gamebuildr, a CI tool specifically aimed at Game Developers. We’re currently in a closed beta for both Unity and Unreal - but you can sign up and be added to the platform on a first come first serve basis.