UE4 Traveller

Got this crazy idea: I’ll be your free one-day tour guide when you travel to my city, and I’ll expect you do the same when another UE4/indie game maker travel to your city.


  1. Top-10 Must-visit Sights is usually boring
  2. I like to see the city from another game maker’s POV
  3. Geeks know Geeks better

Would you on-board for something like that?

I knew there was a reason I brought a white van. :confused:

You neglected to actually mention where you are!

I’ve met other game developers in a few different places across Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Australasia :slight_smile:

Of course, come to Austria and I will show you some cool places (actually the only interesting stuff that we have are mountains and castles,… :p)

Thanks, fighter5347!

A second thought, I might not be a qualified tour guide as I know so little cool places in town. Guess I just spend too much time in room, typing. :0)