UE4 to UE5

I have recently made a copy of my 2 year project and have updated the copy from UE4.26 to UE5.0.3 but my old project has about 6 plugins that won’t convert to UE5 and when I try to load my UE5 version of my project it asks me to continue or cancel loading without those plugins but if I continue I get a message saying the project couldn’t be compiled, is there anyway I can update my UE4 project to UE5 and keep the things that need those plugins or anyway to use the plugins on UE5?

Hey there @CRAFTY_x_GAMER1! Welcome to the community! So depending on the plugins and if they have updated variants, you may or may not be able to retain anything from them (without porting it yourself).

Even some native plugins that were deprecated (like Apex physics) are completely ripped out going forward and would need either a full port or significant changes.

What plugins specifically are holding you up?