UE4 to showcase product on the web...?

I am wondering the best way to go, here s a link of a 3D product with interactivity made for the web:

Do you think replicating the same thing with UE4 (with all the interactivity) is doable without having a package too heavy for the web… Maybe 50MB at the most or even less would be ideal?

I think Unity is a better way to go usually for the web but I m not really experienced and would love to hear your thoughts.

As I would love to be able to have products showcased on the web, with some basic interactivity like animation on click, hide/unhide on click, text pop up etc…


Only had a few views so far, but from what I ve been reading this might be an ongoing issue, managing to get this beautiful awesomeness right on the web, easy and quick to download, with all the the interactivity needed. Still tho, I would love to hear back from someone… as the best I could do so far, was pretty much a black screen for 90MB, compare to Unity getting a few props with decent lighting for 17MB… Not trying to sound rude or saying one is better then the other… the subject is way more complex… But I would love to be able to stay with UE4 and be able to publish this sort of products on the web… or at least know if it is not possible yet… or might be in the future.

You can stream the engine, while Unity prohibited this same feature:

I m not sure if that really answer my question as if it s possible to package a product similar as I provided to a small size of r the web…?

As mentioned by the commentator above, this is a simple and straightforward tool. For example, by visiting the atompark website you will immediately see what advantages they have. How it is effective and whether it is suitable for you.