Ue4 to Modo (using ue4 skeleton for animation)

Hello guys Title pretty much says it, i have recently converted to Modo and wa wondering what the best workflow to doing animations to work with ue4 skeleton?

could i say, export ttp slelton and import into modo?

thanks in advance for the help!

no one knows?

I’m new to MODO and I don’t know the answer yet, but it might be better to ask on The Foundry’s forum.

This might be a good topic:

alternatively, you might also get some help from MODO Indie community on Steam:

there is also a chat on Steam, usually very active during the weekdays!

Don’t know about UE4 skeleton in particular, but I utilize Actor system from MODO and keep all controls and transforms here. I keep different animations in animation sets tied to particular Actor in a single file and can freely switch between them at any time. For export I have group that contains only bones, without controls. So far I have not bumped into any issues

yea im usually on there thanks for the heads up tho

thanks for this!, i imported FBX from some of my unity assets with no issue so ill just try and keep it as close as possible but it doesnt seem needs for animations…now to get better familiar with modo animation tools