UE4 to Blender?

Hello to everyone who sees this post!

Basically I bought some UE4 Marketplace Items - A 3D Car Mode from CreativeDivine Studios (PickupTruck1)

I have to rig the vehicles, but I don’t know how to open the Vehicles in Blender?

Is there a way to get Models bought from UE4 store into another external app ex. Blender?

I know how to do Blender to UE4…now I need the opposite. Please help if you can!

darionosbey@gmail.com (please copy and paste ur reply and send it to my email just in case i miss it here.)

right click on the vehicle in the content browser, that will pop up a list. mouse over “asset actions”, you will see an export option.

after you export it, import it into blender.

I’ve tried this method but the Asset just exported as a UEAsset File…

Is there a way to change the file format to .fbx I assume?

weird, for me it exports as an fbx by default. it doesn’t seem like there is even an option to switch it to a uasset anywhere.
try exporting something else like the default sphere, maybe the export options are different for those specific assets for some reason.