UE4 to 3ds Max


I’m interested in developing some high quality cinematics for my games as either cut-scenes or introductions, but I’d like to maintain consistency and use the models / characters that are featured in my game IN 3ds Max for animation and rendering.
I know if we use our own assets, etc., it would be easy to do since the workflow typically goes from 3ds max TO UE4, but in this case, I’m referring to assets purchased from the Marketplace that are specifically geared for UE4.

Is this possible?
If not, would I have to create my cinematics within UE4? Am I able to achieve higher quality than I would in gameplay without compromising or using up any/much CPU/GPU?
I would prefer to do this in 3ds Max and render it out as video because it can be rendered out to look 10x better than the game itself and it wouldn’t use up any power to run the video.

As an example, we can talk about World of Warcraft. They have CRAZY cinematics (not the in-game ones, but the special cut-scenes) that you transition to and from during gameplay or wherever.

From what I know UE4 cinematic system does match the cinematic quality of animation programs, but to makes those CG Cut-scenes you desire, you will have to pre-render them in 3DsMax and add them later into the game.

those vids are also created by teams of people at blur extremely skilled in every single aspect of the production, from concept design to colour grading.
honestly though, if you do have the skills, you can get excellent results just with UE.

anyway, you just export the assets as fbx and bring them into max.
if you go with the 3ds max rendering route, make sure you try corona render. its the best speed/simplicity/quality ratio out there.

I use V-Ray for rendering, so it’s a bit heavy but under the right conditions, can be extremely powerful.
I know it’s possible to get that level of detail in UE itself, but I wanna go beyond that and not slow people down with crazy amounts of details in the cut-scenes whilst maintaining gameplay quality during actual gameplay, separate from the cut-scene quality.
The FBX export should work just fine!