UE4 - "Through the Hole"

Hi guys,
during the last two weeks I developed “Through the Hole” - an Unreal Engine 4 powered puzzle game that is not aiming for photo-realism, but aiming for awesome. It is currently only available on Android (iOS and Windows builds coming soon) and you can download it from Google Play store from the following link:

The gameplay is based on a very simple and intuitive idea, so I hope that you will like it :). Basically you are given a set of several balls and tubes and you need to touch the screen, apply force to different ball and use your skills in order to put it in the correct tube.


  • FREE TO PLAY with AdMob support
  • Unique and highly addictive gameplay
  • Very simplistic and intuitive game design
  • Easy to understand, yet hard to master
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Real-time physics
  • Real-time rendering of fluid materials (for now available only for devices with Adreno 330).

If you have an Android phone, please try it and tell me your opinion. Any feedback is appreciated:)

Windows Beta Trailer if available now. Check it out!