UE4 through Github

Hey everyone!

I read a few articles about UE4 being aviable in this “Student Developer Pack” offered by Github and wanted to take advantage of it. I registered on Github and afterwards used my e-mail address to verify that I’m a student.
However it has listed my school there but I still do not have access to that pack.
I did not wait a week as stated there but I read that people get instant access to the pack when using a verified e-mail address. Why does this not work for me?


I can’t tell. If you click on the button for getting the pack again, you can see your pending request.

Mine is still pending:


Everytime i send Github a message, they tell me that they have a lot of work to do and i need to wait.
At the moment i don’t need the Package, so i lost interest in it.

:confused: Maybe you have more luck writing an email to them.

We can’t tell you more, since this is a Github related problem and not UE4.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Well since you’re waiting for a few months now I don’t think that there will be any hope for me :slight_smile: BUT I’m going to contact them anyway and hope for the best…

Thanks again for helping :slight_smile: