UE4 : the scene management method

hello guys, I want to know what UE4 is using a scene management plan. Qudtree? Octree? I want to know where I can see the details, thanks :slight_smile:

A bit late of a reply but I was looking for the same thing, so I’m posting in case anyone else searches this. UE4 uses an Octree for primitives. You should read:


Note that the 2nd link explicitly states that it uses an Octree. If you look at the code, you’ll see that there are several classes that handle this. FSceneInterface is the public interface into a scene used by a IRendererModule (the interface to the rendering module). UE4 uses FScene itself, but you’ll have to look at ScenePrivate.h to find the details of it. If you look at it internally, you’ll see it’s using FScenePrimitiveOctree (in PrimitiveSceneInfo.h).

This is just the plain vanilla UE4 engine, I haven’t peeked to see if they’re doing anything different in UT for example. In theory though you could replace this with some other scene management since the renderer is accessing the scene manager through an interface.

Hmmmm, might be a fun project…

Good luck!