UE4 & The Future of Motion Picture & VFX Production

Check out the first prototype UE4 + Motion Picture/VFX integration pipeline test using UE4, Motion Control and 1 actor.

Jon Gress VFX

Thanx for the link! Funny to see real people in one of the demo scene made by Epic :wink:

This is exactly what i want to see. Congrats : )

Is this a plugin for marketplace or just fancy demo showcase? It looks great for sure, I just couldn’t understand adding [Released] tag to the thread.

Not sure why, but this was moved from the Released projects subforum to the marketplace forum…

Am I missing something? Isn’t green screening very very old? Or is something else involved?

Thanks everyone! Yes, greenscreen is very old, but the “integration of live action motion picture VFX
with a realtime game engine” is the cutting edge of motion picture production and has really never
been done effectively until now. Its easy to do motion capture and 3D in a game engine, but how do
you put a live action character into a game and say orbit your camera around your 2D image of an
actor? or replicate an actor (like we did here) in a game environment where the camera is moving
through the scene? And how do you get your live action characters to “interact” with the environment,
like cast shadows and reflections in puddles? A very complex, and very different thing entirely. But
thanks to the help of the great people at EPIC, we’ve been able to accomplish this and going to release
“how” we did it, so that it is available for you to be able to master as well! :wink:

Best regards,
Jon Gress VFX


First off Well done!

I am looking for something similar for a personal art project of mine but on a smaller scale with 20 cm rod puppets and I would be very very interested in seeing how this was done. I think using a powerful engine like Unreal is a massive help not only in creating content for film/vfx but as tool for pre-visualization. I used to work within Motion Builder but we all know what kind of pain that is :wink:

Look forward to read/see/hear more about you brilliant work in the near future!

Kind regards

Jaeger Jensen

Just working on sth like this, looking forward for your HowTo.