UE4 Taking A Tremendous Amount of Time to Insert Assets


It takes forever to load UE4 files


The other day I was trying to load in meshes from the Open World Demo pack, took 10-20 minutes to load in one mesh.
My HDD is 5400 rpm, slower than average, but shouldn’t make that much of a difference over a 7200 rpm (my previous) which took about 5 seconds max.


The HDD is healthy, only about 1/4 of the way full.
If you have any tests you would like me to do on it, feel free, I do not know if there is a certain setting in UE4 that can help this.


4-core 3.2 gHz CPU

GTX 1050 ti

5400 rpm HDD


You do not need to tell me to “Get Threadripper, two SSDs, and SLI 1080 tis”. I know this is not a high end machine but that does not explain the loading times. I had faster loading times on an APU.

That’s normal loading time on that specs, however I can’t see how much RAM you have.
Good news - it taking that long only once, when assets are cached, next time is very fast.