ue4 takes 10 min to load


i installed ue4 on pc:
geforce 210 graphics card

it takes up to 10 min to load the editor and the launcher
is there any solution or the pc is jaust to waek to handl ue4

Yes sorry that is low, if you ask me.
Watch your ram management, while ue4 is starting, and before you start.
When swapping starts, because of no ram, you will have no fun.
I am using a i2500k with geforce 560 ti and (old clocked) 8GB ram and i have to watch exactly what ram is doing.
I have to restart launcher/editor, perhaps after 15 times of editor play, because ram gets flooded, every time i play a bit.

The weird thing is, when i close editor(launcher active), ram storage is cleaned up very slow (mb by mb), when i close launcher too, cleaning speed increases.

same here. its total normal if you have a toaster as pc. ^^
Need tpo upgrade my rig with more Ram and PC evtl will not kill himself after working a hour or 20.

Here is my advice if you are planning on upgrading. The CPU should be an Intel Core processor (i3, i5, i7); preferably an i5 or i7. The GPU should be at least a 750 or better (if buying from nVidia); preferably a 960 or higher. 8GB of RAM is a good place to start.

8GB is absolute minimum, and you only have 6GB. And also you must upgrade your Video Card… it is just way too low to even play games (let alone develop games in it)

I can run it fine with a 550… But a new card would be best.

But I would jump for the 8 or 16 gb first.

Here’s my specs and UE4 runs fairly well on it (though I do plan to upgrade my GPU by January)

AMD Fx-8350 CPU
Radeon R9 280X 3GB GPU

Of course, the GPU is outdated, and the VRAM is very low for most things, but overall I can still get 60FPS on average when running everything on “High”, but on “Epic” that drops to about 40FPS average. Still very useable!

But yes, you definitely need to upgrade your… well, everything really. :stuck_out_tongue: