UE4 System Requirements - 8gb memory essential?

Just wondering if UE4 can run on a computer with 4gb ram, the minimum spec says 8gb. I suppose I’m asking if it will stick up an error dialog box in my face along the lines of: “sorry you need 8gb, please close application, you can’t use it” or whether it will run but may be slightly unstable?

Right now, I have a PC with 4gb (maximum mem upgrade currently possible - yes it’s old, I know!) and latest macbook air with 4gb (again no upgrade possible in near future).

I’m not going to make the next Killzone so level complexity would likely target midrange PCs (eg: my current PC) and mobiles.

Thanks in advance.

I have 4GB on this PC and it runs fine. It will be slow in some instances though.

Just buy as much ram as you can afford, I had 16GB but found my self running out when I was using UDK, photoshop and 3dsmax all at the same time so I upgraded to 32GB, got a good deal aswell ?140 for G skill rip jaws 1866mhz ram

Thanks Linkinworm/DieByZero, that’s good to know. My PC has a ******board with a 4gb max capacity (2004) so that means shopping for a new ******board/CPU/memory if I want to increase the memory. PC still runs latest games fine with 2 GTX670s though. And the mac is not upgradable unfortunately. :confused:

edit: didn’t realise the alternative word for “mum” was a swearword!

?140 for 32gb of that IS a good deal, i paid ?130 for 16gb of ram.

Yeah I’m running the editor with 5.5GB RAM and it seems to be running smooth for me.
Where you may face slow-downs is when you want to build lighting, or it may not even build lighting at all if it’s a large level.


I use 16gb. I haven’t had a problem with ram or cpu AMD 8-core 3.8ghz, but my video card, a GTX 480 was overheating and shutting down my whole computer. I switched to a 750ti, which uses a lot less power, doesn’t get as hot and it’s been running fine.

Running well on a 4 GB system.

Hello everyone. Maybe this will be off topic but UE4 lags little to me when I add light to the scene. These are my specs:
Intel core i5 4440 @ 3.1 GHz 4cores
AMD Radeon HD 6570 2GB DDR3

UE4 specs require at least HD 6870. Do I have now problem with my graphic card or it’s something else? :stuck_out_tongue: Greetings!

UE4 was designed for GDDR5 graphic cards

Time to buy new graphic card.

I just started using UE4 and had only 2gb ram but it worked, but i can tell it was really slow so i upgraded it with 8gb extra and it works very good so far.