UE4 supports Daydream, live from Google I/O - May 19th

On today’s livestream, Technical Director will be joining us via Skype to discuss several details on the Daydream VR plugin for Unreal Engine 4. We’ll be highlighting the support of the plugin, along with information on what developers can expect when creating for Daydream.

Thursday, May 19th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



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Dropping these questions that I got from Twitter :slight_smile:

“Can we use bluetooth controllers with Daydream / the wand?”

“Can we use two wands?”

“Can we enable / disable VR mode in engine?”

Not to derail this thread, but…

Logical question is why have Gear VR implementation half-a@@ed in UE4, and jump on Daydream already ?!

I don’t understand you Epic (no Oculus for that matter) :frowning: Gear VR just reported 1M unique users and that number will be growing. It’s already a solid platform with active user base. Oculus points fingers at Epic, Epic points fingers at Oculus, both say something extremely awesome is planned for Gear VR (but not going to happen any times soon). Can someone please explain why is this happening ?!

Anyhow, I keep my fingers crossed for Daydream not to turn into the same mess Gear VR / UE4 is in.

Will CCP Game’s dynamic batching code be integrated?

Really looking forward to the stream. I have one little question.

Will there be support for or is it just ES2 rendering for now ?

Daydream looks very promising. It has potential to grow fast and to be available on maaaaany devices :slight_smile:

Daydream : AKA how to get mugged while running on a field with 1500$ of gear loosely strapped onto your body

Amazing indeed :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess I now need a nexus 6p

Exactly lol

Problem with GearVR is it’s Samsung exclusive setup, Daydream is universal to all android devices, most likely GearVR will beforced to adopt to it

How did you figure that out? iOS/App store is unique to Apple products, consoles are walled . Somehow that’s no problem, but Gear VR platform suddenly is because it’s exclusive to Samsung smartphone?

What is it was (which will be per Samsung) a standalone device. What else would people come up with to make Gear VR a scapegoat ?

But you talk about different and closed systems where you can non-consequentially do such things as you are one exclusively running the platform. Android is open it runs on different devices and in this environment you got standard that works only in few phones it gonna be automatically overrun by potential future standard that will work on wider selection of device or even all together. Power of Android does not come from it’s feature set, but fact that you can take a system and make a device and be part of one single platfrom, you don’t need to care about porting, all applications just work… thats why GearVR being more exclusive gonna have trouble competing with Daydream.

Ofcorse i think GearVR plugin should be fixed anyway ;p but don’t blame Epic for jumping on more attractive bandwagon

No scapegoat

I feel your frustration, but don’t forget, people didn’t “come up with” exclusive proprietary isolation for Gear VR; that was on Samsung. There’s no scapegoat, just a more open and more attractive platform. Epic would be remiss not to give Daydream the priority here. Samsung has had at least 1/2 year to support other handsets by making their standard more open, yet they chose not to.

When it comes to blaming Samsung, there are no other major problems to bring up. Gear VR is a great platform, and probably no one is trying to sabotage or condemn it. There is simply a misalignment of goals. The goal of VR, at this point, is to be ubiquitous and to get it into the hands of the masses. Daydream is a huge step towards this goal, Gear VR is just a (very) nice attempt at market share.

Again, this is on Samsung, not Google, Epic or the people.

You lost me with “more open”. It’s all open. There is no secrets out there. UE4 supports Gear VR, all SDKs are available, anyone (and I mean literally) can grab UE4 or Unity or own engine, make a game, submit it to Oculus, get to Gear VR. There is no membership fee, no special SDK. Just get Samsung’s phone, Gear VR and off you go.

It’s more open than consoles, because you can use that phone on daily basis, unlike console SDK.

It’s the same as making games for PC - you have to buy PC, you have to buy particular GPU and you have to buy Windows 10. It’s no different with Gear VR.

And mark my words - Daydream will be hell to develop for and satisfy customers. Homogeneous platforms proven to be more successful.

Your question was about scapegoating, which is what I was addressing. I already acknowledged that Gear VR is a great platform. And even though I lost you with “more open,” you seemed to have found your way when you stated: “Just get Samsung’s phone…” Compare that observation with your other one: “…you have to buy PC…” and notice the lack of brand name like Dell, Apple, etc. You know as well as I what “more open” means.

Again, there is no scapegoat. Samsung is choosing its own path, and Epic has decided to be more inclusive rather than less.