UE4 Support?

Hi guys,

I know I can email Epic Games for payments / billing support and “other” as they put it,
But where can I reach out to them regarding technical support?

I posted a thread not long ago where I explained my problem (with the error log), I am not able to ‘Launch’ and compile a Desktop / Console game on my PC for some reason,
And it says ‘Launch Failed: Unknown Error’ at the end. Where can I send this log for further support? No one on the forum seemed to know / lack of response regarding this, so
maybe the guys at Epic can help me out.

I’ve tried googling and doing research but everyone that faced this problem did so when trying to compile for Android. I am trying to Launch a PC game on my PC.

Here is the link to that thread if it helps at all:

If anyone knows how to get help for this, let me know!


Epic does not offer that type of support, what is available are the forums and the Answerhub.

Have you tried the AnswerHub yet? You are probably more likely to get their attention better there.