UE4 suitable for learning C++?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been interested in game developement almost my entire life and getting into it is definately one of my goals at the moment. I’ve been in an apprenticeship as a software developer (1,5 yrs now) at a company developing an accountacy-tool for other companies and i feel like im going forward fairly quickly.
To get to the point - the programming language they use is mostly uniface for the dev environment and sql for the databases the program uses. I’ve only been using C++ in very simple tasks, like geometric/algebraic math calculations. The only way i have at the moment is to learn C++ in my spare time, which is why i want to find the right approach to it.

Knowing UE4 and almost all other game engines use C/C++ i want to ask the question if its a good idea to start shaping my C++ “skills” with UE4.
If not - are there other good ways anyone on this forum knows of to get good fundamentals in C++?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English :stuck_out_tongue:

C++ in UE4 has a lot of things that are specific to UE4, see my thread: