UE4 Subscribers?

I was curious as to how many current active subscriptions UE4 has - I’m not sure how transparent Epic is with such information or if it releases any of this info at all but it would be interesting to know from a user base standpoint.

GitHub says:

Developers grants 15659 users pull access to 5111 repositories

See Here: Community size - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

It looks like around 20k (edit: 23,500 as of 2 days ago) user accounts (right click a users name and copy the link, you will see their ID # at the end), for example I am:

#5439 :slight_smile:

This is not active users, but at least 50% of that number should be fairly accurate (some don’t use the forums as well)

Just did a ‘binary search’ on the user ids, 23662 is what we have at the moment. And the newest member is…

Cool, thanks for the info, gives me at least a general idea of current subscribers to the engine.

And two more, we are at 23664 now

And now we are up to 23,664
1 new user per minute! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: you beat me to it, oh well :smiley:

Hahaha yep :smiley: that was fast! Setting up a simple Javascript ‘member’ counter could be very easy I guess.

To be fair, that’s only forum members. I’ve been a subscriber since GDC, but only bothered to create a forum account last month (hence my September join date). It also doesn’t count studios licensing the engine “the old-fashioned way” with direct P4 access.

The way I see it is

23.5k forum users minus 50% that were either spam, no longer active, or not subscribers asking questions etc.
5k users who dont use the forums
5k github repo’s - roughly 40% of the users download the source code

So best guess is is 12k-16k users active with UE4 is what I come up with, but still just a guess :slight_smile:

Yea its 15k users that currently are able to clone the UE repo.

I’d of thought there would of been a lot more TBH…

It’s quite some folks I guess, where I work there are just 5 who has forked the engine, 30 who has downloaded it via the launcher and only 3 who created themselves a forum and/or an and answer hub account. We have also P4 access. Would be cool to have official number though.