UE4 Student Project | "System Shock 2"

Hi everybody,
I’m very proud to share our latest university project with you. Our goal was to recreate System Shock 2, an old PC game using today’s technology.

This short remake was done in only 8 weeks and the team consisted of 7 students from the NAD University in Montreal and we also had the pleasure to collaborate with a music composer and sound designer.

We hope you like it!



Julien Dastous - Technical Artist
Nicholas Lachance - Level Artist
Fanie Évrard - Level Artist
Philippe-Olivier Daoust Delaunais - Level Artist
Véronique Boisvert - Animation Artist
Patrick Ravary - Animation Artist
Matthew Smith - Character Artist
Medhat Hanbali - Music Composer & Sound Designer

I absolutely love system shock, nice job!

Ok **** the fotos. The video shows it all :3
I like the graphics and the style you pretty hit the point.


I dont see system shock.
The thing at the and wich name i dont remember yet… system shock. the start system shock… the robot machines are systemshock.
But that pretty much all.

Is that a whole game can we play it with the same mechanics or did you just redo the style?
Graphics work, i could play ss3 with that graphics.

I’ll be honest, I saw more System Shock 1 than System Shock 2. Visually, its impressive and I can see how this would look great in a professional remake environment. Other than that, it feels like System Shock was turned into the linear Bioshock games. Having a narrator tell you what to do, Canned animations, Etc. It felt like the wrong side of modern.

This on the other hand nails the look and feel of System Shock without making it feel too much like the consolized Bioshock series (not ripping on the series though).

Just say its inspired by System Shock, you’ll get away with a lot more creative differences.

Very well done! :smiley:
I’m a huge SS fan and this has to be one of the neatest things I have seen in a while.

Hello, I was one of the artist who worked on this project.

I just want to clarify that the main goal of this project was to bring something new to the game and not to do redo the original game in HD.
We tried something different with the art style and a different gameplay that is more like a survival horror (a little bit like Alien:Isolation).
By the way, thank you all for you comments! :slight_smile: