UE4 - Student project - Road to R'lyeh

Road to R’lyeh

A student project made over the course of a semester with a team of 3 people from NAD.

The goal was to create an environment using only 25 components; assets, particles, terrain, etc… are included in this count.

Great use of assets… Nothing looks repetitive in this large open environment.

Thank you!

Very atmospheric! I love the music you chose for your video, too. :smiley:

When you say 25 components, you mean you literally only had 25 assets? That’s amazing!

Actually less then 25 assets, as water, fog, fire, terrain counted in the total, I think we had something like 18 assets total.

Is that Gaahl singing? :stuck_out_tongue:

We used “wardruna - hagal”, but modified it a little to fit our scene.

Nice work you guys!

AMAZING beast cave :wink:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: